Le Pélican French Ice Cream (Kenting) | 貝力岡法式手工冰淇淋(墾丁)

Touristy sightseeing destinations are often full of overhyped famous snack shops and low-quality street food vendors – large crowds don’t necessarily mean good food. So when I was walking down crowded Kenting Street during a recent vacation in Kenting, I was surprised to discover Le Pélican, a shop selling high-quality French-style handmade ice cream!


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8% Ice (Da’an, Taipei) | 8% Ice (台北大安)   


Yongkang Street’s famous 8% Ice is the first ice cream shop I really fell in love with; you could also say it’s the inspiration for this blog. Their gelato is fresh and delicious – you can taste the quality of the ingredients and the care with which it’s made. Their flavours are unique but tasteful, nothing strange or gimmicky to attract customers’ attention. Besides gelato, they also offer handmade soft-serve ice cream, sorbet, popsicles, affogato (ice cream with espresso) and beverages. The ice cream flavours are on rotation, so every time you go there will be different limited-edition flavours available.


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I’ll have one scoop of Chinese and one scoop of English, please! 請給我一球中文一球英文!

Hello! 哈囉!
2013-09-07 15.22.57

Welcome to my blog. I’m Carrie, and I’m a Canadian living in Taipei, Taiwan. I love to travel, learn new languages, experience different cultures, and enjoy strange and exciting foods. 歡迎大家來看我的部落格。我是可人,來自加拿大,目前住台北。我喜歡旅遊、學外語、體驗不同文化、享受各國的特別美食。

Mango snowflake ice with sweetened condensed milk, one of Taiwan’s most famous specialties. So huge! 芒果牛奶雪花冰,台灣最有名的特產之一。太大了吧!

Taiwan is famous for its unique and delicious snacks, like stinky tofu, mango shaved ice, oyster omelet, pearl milk tea, and a million other foods, but after eating Taiwanese food every day for the past two years, I’ve discovered something really special that hasn’t attracted any attention – ice cream. 台灣因為她獨特又美味小吃有名,比如臭豆腐、芒果冰、蚵仔煎、珍珠奶茶以及無數其他的美食,可是吃兩年台灣菜以後我發現了台灣還有一個很特別的,卻完全沒有引起大眾注意的美食—冰淇淋!

I’ve traveled in France, the Netherlands, England, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, and the United States, as well as all over Canada. I’ve eaten ice cream in each country, including some world-famous places, such as Berthillon in Paris. But my favourite by far has been in Taiwan. 我去過法國、荷蘭、英國、中國、香港、日本、馬來西亞跟美國,還環遊了幾次加拿大全國。我在各個地方吃過他們的冰淇淋,甚至去過幾家世界著名的冰淇淋店,比如巴黎的Berthillon。可是,到現在我最喜歡的還是台灣的冰淇淋。

Handmade ice cream in Taiwan. 台灣手工冰淇淋。

Taiwan’s high-quality ice cream is one of its best-kept secrets. There are so many shops selling pure, fresh, handmade ice cream in all kinds of creative and unique flavours…but for some reason, when you ask Taiwanese people whose ice cream is the best, most of them will name a famous foreign brand like Haagen Dazs. Unfortunately, local, independent ice cream shops are routinely overlooked, even though their product is better and cheaper than commercial brands. 優質冰淇淋好像是台灣保存最好的秘密之一,有這麼多店賣很純粹的、新鮮的手工冰淇淋,口味多種多樣,又創意又獨特。可是,很奇怪,如果問台灣人甚麼冰淇淋最好吃他們大部分會指出Haagen Dazs之類的世界名牌。很可惜,當地獨立手工冰淇淋店同常被忽視,雖然他們的產品比商業名牌的又好又便宜。

I think one of the things that makes Taiwanese ice cream special is that it’s fairly light and not too sweet. Actually, when I’m at home in Canada or traveling in other countries I hardly ever eat ice cream, because I find it way too heavy and sugary – the sweetness dominates its flavour, and I can’t really stomach it. I only really enjoy eating ice cream when I’m here in Taiwan. 我覺得台灣的手工冰淇淋的特點是,它一般比較清淡可口,甜度剛剛好,吃不會膩。其實,我在加拿大或其他國家的時候很少吃冰淇淋,因為味道太重,甜死了,甜味重到會把其他的味道蓋起來,我吃不下這麼甜的冰淇淋!我在台灣才可以享受冰淇淋該有的美味。

I’m writing this bilingual blog to help both Taiwanese and foreign readers to find delicious ice cream, and also in the hopes that it will help promote local businesses. At the same time, readers can practice their English and/or Chinese. I hope my ice-cream loving friends can enjoy reading my reviews and go experience the ice cream for themselves! Feel free to contact me and share your suggestions and experiences (and if you find a mistake in my Chinese, don’t be afraid to point it out – I won’t be upset!). 我寫這個雙語部落格是為了幫助國內外朋友找到好吃的冰淇淋,還可以支持當地小型公司,同時可以幫助讀者學英文或中文。希望愛吃冰淇淋的朋友可以開開心心的看我的評論,自己去體驗一下我所寫的冰淇淋!歡迎大家跟我聯絡,提出建議,分享你的意見和評論!(找到我的中文又錯也可以告訴我,不用害羞,我不會傷心!)

Now, let’s go eat some ice cream! 現在我們就去吃個冰淇淋吧!