IOU Cafe Handmade Ice Cream & Afternoon Tea (Da’an, Taipei) | IOU 手工冰淇淋&下午茶 (台北大安)

IOU Cafe Ice Cream Taipei 手工冰淇淋台北

Located just steps from trendy Yongkang street and Dongmen MRT station, IOU Cafe sells house-made gelato, frozen yogurt, soft-serve and sorbet, as well as several popular afternoon tea treats and classic Taiwan-style sweets such as snowflake ice, mango ice and waffles. There are several ice creams made with local ingredients such as Maokong Tieguanyin tea and Taiwanese Irwin mangoes. They also offer exotic flavours such as dark chocolate and cherry, which are made with imported ingredients.


IOU ice cream Taipei |台北IOU 手工冰淇淋&下午茶
Afternoon tea at IOU | IOU 下午茶 (source)

IOU is mainly an afternoon tea cafe – a place where you can sit for a while, chat with friends, and enjoy some beautiful desserts with fresh fruit tea. The waffles here smelled amazing – I bet they’re delicious!


IOU Cafe Ice Cream Taipei 手工冰淇淋台北

The shop was originally located on Yongkang street, but recently moved to Lishui street. To be honest, I found the music here quite loud – the pumping dance music made me feel like I was in a nightclub. Also, the colour scheme is quite aggressive. It would be a little exhausting to spend a long time here. However, the distinctive design makes for some great photos.


IOU Cafe Ice Cream Taipei 手工冰淇淋台北

IOU often has special deals. This time I came alone, not knowing that they had a buy-one-get-one deal on soft-serve ice cream cones! Too bad. The flavours of the day were kiwi and chocolate. I’ve never had kiwi soft-serve before – it sounds great. Next time I’ll definitely bring a friend to experience IOU with me!



Many of Taiwan’s artisanal ice cream shops don’t offer free samples, but you can sample the ice creams at IOU. I sampled the top three flavours first. Number one is fresh yogurt, and number two is Tieguanyin latte. They were both very good, but a little too sweet for me, so I asked the staff to help me find a less-sweet one and he recommended Earl Grey milk tea, the third most popular flavour.


IOU Cafe Ice Cream Taipei 手工冰淇淋台北

Earl Grey milk tea really was quite mild, not too sweet, with a mainly milky flavour. The Earl Grey flavour is fairly subtle. Although it looks icy and granular in the photo, the texture is actually quite smooth and creamy. Still, you can feel that they use powdered tea leaves instead of brewed tea to make the ice cream. Overall it’s a very light and refreshing ice cream. Priced at $95 NT per scoop, it’s not a budget choice, but it’s light, local, and tasty! The portion size is also quite small, so this is a good choice for people who only want a little taste of something sweet.

伯爵奶茶冰淇淋真的算微甜的,鮮奶的味道為主,伯爵茶葉的香味比較微妙。雖然照片上看起來冰沙沙的,可是口感吃起來蠻綿密。茶葉是用抹的方式處理的,有稍微顆粒的口感。總之算是蠻清淡的冰淇淋。 定價為$95NT/球,這不算平價選擇,但還是清爽可口,有時當地食材做的!份量不大,很適合喜歡吃少量甜食物的朋友。

IOU Cafe Ice Cream Taipei 手工冰淇淋台北

IOU Cafe Handmade Ice Cream & Afternoon Tea | IOU Cafe 手工冰淇淋&下午茶專賣店

Address: 16 Lishui Street, Da’an district, Taipei
Phone: 02 2358 7771
MRT: Dongmen Station, exit 5

電話:02 2358 7771

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