Snow King (Zhongzheng, Taipei) | 雪王冰淇淋 (台北中正區)

更新! 我們最愛的雪王冰淇淋重新開店了,現在在原址二樓,已經開始營業了。新面貌,冰淇淋依然獨特美味!

Update! Our beloved Snow King has reopened – the location is the same, but the shop now operates out of the second floor. The look is new but the unique and delicious ice cream remains the same!

snow king ice cream taipei 雪王叭噗冰淇淋台北 成立於1947年的雪王冰淇淋,可能是台灣最有特色的冰淇淋專賣店之一。散發著濃濃懷念氣氛的店面,店內的老舊桌椅和店外的手畫牌子好像從來沒有變過,一直保持40年代的經典風格。我很喜歡雪王的簡單和復古,尤其喜歡他們超好吃的、有超獨特的冰淇淋!

Operating since 1947, the famous Snow King Ice Cream must be one of Taiwan’s most distinctive ice cream shops. The vintage storefront creates a nostalgic atmosphere, with plain metal tables, old wooden stools, and a hand-painted signboard that make you feel like the place hasn’t changed since the 40’s. It feels like a Taiwanese version of the classic American soda shop.

snow king ice cream taipei 雪王叭噗冰淇淋台北


With over 70 flavours, Snow King’s ice cream menu looks like a restaurant menu. It has everything, including some very special one-of-a-kind options – they even offer savory ice creams with flavours such as braised pig’s foot and sesame chicken! The menu is divided into categories: nuts, “nourishing” (made with medicinal plants), fruits, liquors, vegetables, “beautifying” (made with ingredients purported to improve complexion), herbs, teas, and savories. According to staff, they use mostly local ingredients – very little is imported.

snow king ice cream taipei 雪王叭噗冰淇淋台北


Snow King is thoughtful enough to provide an English menu. Of all the ice creams, there are about a dozen dairy-free options. If you want to order a dairy-free ice cream, just ask the staff to show you the “dairy-free” list. However, the only completely vegan option is “Sunkist” (a sorbet made with local oranges). So far I’ve tried: peanut, red bean, green bean, jasmine tea, ginger, coconut, taro, chili pepper, and Thai basil flavours. The red and green bean flavours are really good, full of natural beany flavour and textured with little bits of bean. Taro is one of the most popular choices. It’s particularly mild, with minimal sugar – really nice. To be honest I didn’t think much of their peanut ice cream – I like a strong peanut flavour, but I found Snow King’s peanut ice cream rather bland, not as rich as the one from He Mei Ice Treat House. Coconut is pretty good, with a really creamy texture and a nice coconut flavour. The ginger ice cream is especially good, with a strong, spicy kick of fresh ginger – very refreshing.

snow king ice cream taipei 雪王叭噗冰淇淋台北


The Thai basil ice cream, at $100 NT/scoop, is one of the shop’s top-selling signature flavours. It’s also a very rare and unique flavour! I’ve tried many of Snow King’s ice creams, but so far I think this one is my favourite. The basil is very assertive and natural-tasting, just like fresh-picked basil leaves. Because Thai basil virtually never appears in sweets, eating this ice cream may remind you of Vietnamese pho, Thai stirfries, Taiwanese basil crepes, and other basil-flavoured savory dishes – it’s a bit of a challenge for the taste buds! To balance the relatively strong taste of the basil, this ice cream is a little on the sweeter side.

snow king ice cream taipei 雪王叭噗冰淇淋台北


The texture is dense, smooth and creamy – not a hint of ice granules.

snow king ice cream taipei 雪王叭噗冰淇淋台北 洛神花冰淇淋,$90/球,無奶。很棒的冰淇淋!有清爽的花味,酸酸甜甜,料都調整的剛剛好,強調而沒有掩蓋洛神花的微妙香味,還吃得到洛神花肉碎塊。老闆說他們用的都是台東嚴選洛神花。真的可以吃得出來它的新鮮和用心,非常的推薦。

Roselle ice cream, $90/scoop, dairy-free. This is an awesome ice cream! It tastes clearly of tart roselle flowers. The ingredients are all perfectly adjusted to emphasize rather than cover up the flower’s subtle flavour. It’s also textured with bits of roselle bud. The owner said they use premium local roselle flowers from Taitung. You can really taste the freshness and attention to detail in this ice cream – highly recommended!

snow king ice cream taipei 雪王叭噗冰淇淋台北 烏梅汁冰淇淋,$90/球,無奶。味道還好,不太重,酸跟甜很平衡,不會過甜,可是吃不太出來烏梅汁的酸酸甜甜、帶有煙燻香的特殊味道。本冰淇淋最特色的地方是它的口感,超級滑順。

Black plum ice cream, $90 NT/scoop, dairy-free. The flavour is ok, not super heavy or sweet, but the special tart smoky taste of black plums is not really detectable. The defining characteristic of this ice cream is its super-smooth texture.

snow king ice cream taipei 雪王叭噗冰淇淋台北


Snow King specializes in traditional style and careful hand-crafting methods, putting the emphasis on the ice cream rather than on the decor and presentation. The whole operation is very simple and understated. The ice creams are placed casually in the display case, not sculpted into an ice cream gallery like most modern ice cream shops – utilitarian, not aesthetic. They don’t even appear to label the flavours – I don’t know how the staff can tell them apart when they go to scoop ice cream for customers!

snow king ice cream taipei 雪王叭噗冰淇淋台北


Although Snow King is very famous, I’ve never had to line up here in any of the countless times I’ve come. There are always seats available, so I can sit down and eat my ice cream slowly while enjoying the shop’s old-school atmosphere.

Snow King | 雪王冰淇淋

電話: 02-23318415

Address:No. 65, Wuchang Street Sec. 1, Zhongzheng District, Taipei
MRT: Ximen Station, Exit 5
Time:Daily 12:00-22:00

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