Juan Bing Wu Handmade Soft-Serve (Lehua Night Market, Yonghe, Taipei) | 捲冰屋手工霜淇淋 (樂華夜市,台北永和)

2015-07-27 08.45.17

我們所努力尋找的東西通常就在眼皮底下。我為了吃到台灣最美味的手工冰淇淋有穿過過整個城市去松山區,還跑新北市更偏僻的地區(比如石碇),甚至去探索其他城市(墾丁台南),但我所發現過的手工冰淇淋店當中最可愛的、最友善的、又最美味的之一,本來就隱身在我家對面的夜市裡: 捲冰屋手工霜淇淋! (永和區還有另外一家祕密的冰淇淋店: 充滿復古風格的古早味台式叭噗老店和美冰果室!)

It’s true – the thing you search hardest for is often right under your nose. My quest for Taiwan’s best handmade ice cream has taken me to crosstown neighbourhoods like Songshan, remote parts of New Taipei City like Shiding, and even other cities (such as Kenting and Tainan). But one of the cutest, friendliest and tastiest handmade ice cream shops I’ve found so far has been hiding in the night market across the street from my house all along: Juan Bing Wu soft-serve ice cream. (Yonghe has another secret ice cream spot, too: the super funky, old-school Taiwanese-style He Mei Ice Treat House!)

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O Rose Gourmet French Ice Cream (Da’an, Taipei) | O Rose 法式天然高品質冰淇淋(台北大安)

Update! O Rose has moved to their permanent location near Zhongxiao Dunhua station, and now offers drinks, verrines, and patisserie in addition to premium ice creams. Check it out!
更新!O Rose已經搬到近於忠孝敦化捷運站的新地點開真正的店,除了高級冰淇淋以外還新上市的飲料、杯子點心與法式甜點,快去吃吃看!

O Rose Gourmet French Ice Cream | O Rose 法式天然高品質冰淇淋

Address: No. 1, Alley 6, Lane 170, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City
MRT: Zhongxiao Dunhua Station
Phone: 02 2773 7989
Hours: Daily 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/o.rose.taiwan

電話:02 2773 7989

O Rose Ice Cream Two Scoops Taiwan | O Rose 法式冰淇淋 台灣霜淇淋

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Gelateria Cosi O Cosi (Da’an, Taipei) | Cosi O Cosi義大利冰淇淋 (台北大安)

Two scoops taiwan Taipei Gelateria Cosi O Cosi 義大利冰淇淋台北大安

忠孝復興/敦化地區,美食實在多得要命! 這個地區充滿了超好吃的手工冰淇淋店,比如 Crème白鬍子OVOV,還有其他的尚未發現的。這個考試中心的地段流量高,租金相對的一樣高,所以公司要頑強才存活得下去。在這個變動很快的地段,許多小店和餐廳開了沒有多久就消失不見了,哪怕本來蠻受歡迎的。但能見度高的、落在觀光熱點敦化南路的Cosi O Cosi義大利冰淇淋,算是本地區開最久的獨立冰淇淋專賣店。他們開了這麼久應該表示本店具有某種優勢—-特別是因為它最附近的競爭對手就是旁邊一家很大的、很吸引人的Haagen Dazs!

The Zhongxiao Fuxing/Dunhua neighbourhood is going to be the death of me. This area is full of great ice cream shops, including Crème, Milk Beard, and OVOV, as well as others I’ve yet to discover. This prime urban area has high traffic and equally high rent, so small businesses have to be tough to survive. Turnover is high, and many small shops and eateries vanish only a year or two after opening, even if they’re popular. But with an easy-to-find location right on the Dunhua green mile – and some delicious gelato – Gelateria Cosi O Cosi is one of the longest-running independent ice cream shops in the area. That means something – especially since the nearest competition is a big, shiny Haagen Dazs just half a block away!

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Jung Yard Softee Soft-Serve Ice Cream (Da’an, Taipei) | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店(台北大安)

Jung Yard Soft-serve Taipei | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店台北


Jung Yard Softee is a tiny, low-profile shop specializing in handmade gourmet soft-serve. It’s so obscure that if a reader hadn’t recommended it to me, I’d never have found it!

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Crème French Ice Cream (Da’an, Taipei) | Crème法式冰淇淋專賣店(台北大安)

2015-06-30 23.39.50


The area between Zhongxiao Dunhua and Zhongxiao Fuxing in Taipei’s Da’an district is a gourmet paradise. Along with all kinds of local and international eateries, it’s also home to several of Taipei’s most popular and innovative hand-made ice cream shops. One of these is Crème French Ice Cream, which specializes in low-fat, flavour-rich French-style ice cream. French-style ice cream is unusual in Taiwan – the only other French ice cream shop I’ve found in Taiwan so far is Le Pélican in Kenting.

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