Jung Yard Softee Soft-Serve Ice Cream (Da’an, Taipei) | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店(台北大安)

Jung Yard Soft-serve Taipei | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店台北


Jung Yard Softee is a tiny, low-profile shop specializing in handmade gourmet soft-serve. It’s so obscure that if a reader hadn’t recommended it to me, I’d never have found it!

Jung Yard Soft-serve Taipei | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店台北


Along with lovingly handmade ice cream, Jung Yard Softee also sells high-grade Taiwanese teas and mixed beverages. They post the day’s offerings on the signboard outside the shop. Today they have high mountain honey tea, iced lemon tea, honey-scented black tea from Dancing Crane tea farm in Hualien, hot lemon water, and iced honey lemonade. The soft-serve of the day is local Irwin mango.

Jung Yard Soft-serve Taipei | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店台北


The shop’s rustic vintage aesthetic is too charming. The giant Mason jar full of lemonade on the counter made me feel like I was in my kitchen back in Canada. I’m pretty sure I have that exact same hat at home, too!

Jung Yard Soft-serve Taipei | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店台北
“We only offer one flavour of ice cream per day. Flavours change weekly – check Facebook for updates! Due to rising costs, we will adjust our prices at the end of the year. Refer to the menu [for more information]. Thanks for supporting our shop, and we welcome your feedback.”

I appreciate Jung Yard Softee’s minimalist philosophy. They make one ice cream per day, using only the best ingredients available. There’s no need to torture yourself choosing between different flavours, and you can be 100% sure that the ice cream you chose is the best one!

Jung Yard Soft-serve Taipei | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店台北
Examples of past creations: Lychee, Japanese persimmon, guava, honey guava, lychee whiskey, Kyoto matcha, red guava, Earl Grey with tequila, hojicha (roasted green tea), plum with red wine, strawberry mascarpone, and rose lychee.


This is more of a portfolio than a menu – it shows some examples of ice creams that Jung Yard Softee makes depending on what ingredients are available. You can still only order the one flavour that’s available! This menu shows a lot of flavours made with local teas, local fruits, and premium liqueurs.

Jung Yard Soft-serve Taipei | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店台北


I’ll have a mango soft-serve, please!

Jung Yard Soft-serve Taipei | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店台北


uh…make that two.

Jung Yard Soft-serve Taipei | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店台北

芒果霜淇淋,$150NT. 小涼院的霜淇淋不只是做成冰的芒果加牛奶而已。霜淇淋上面配著幾大塊現切芒果肉,還淋上滑潤的芒果醬,以補充霜淇淋本身的綿密口感。芒果醬裡面含有一點點白葡萄酒,讓芒果的果香更濃郁。

Mango soft-serve, $150NT. There’s more to Jung Yard Softee’s mango soft-serve than mangoes and milk. The ice cream is topped with fresh-cut mango chunks and drizzled with a super-smooth mango sauce that enhances its creamy texture. The mango sauce has a touch of white wine added to boost the mangoes’ fruity complexity.

Jung Yard Soft-serve Taipei | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店台北

這個霜淇淋好像算蠻低乳脂的,你可以看得出來它有細細的冰顆粒的口感,不是一般的,乳脂含量很高的霜淇淋的那麼滑順。另外,這個霜淇淋很低糖,新鮮多汁的芒果肉比霜淇淋還要甜! 它格外清爽可口,有一點像芒果牛奶冰沙,非常適合炎炎夏日,吃了會給你清新的感覺,一點也不會油膩。

This seems to be a fairly low-fat soft-serve. You can see the super-fine ice granules – it’s not buttery smooth like standard high-fat ice cream. It’s also very low-sugar. The fresh, juicy mango chunks actually tasted sweeter than the ice cream. It’s exceptionally light and refreshing, a bit like an icy mango smoothie. It’s perfect for a scorching hot summer day, leaving you feeling refreshed instead of weighed down.

Jung Yard Soft-serve Taipei | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店台北


…I know making gourmet ice cream is a high-cost operation, but I have to admit, I was a bit surprised to see this much hollow space inside my $150 ice cream. When you subtract all the air, it’s really a very small portion.

Jung Yard Soft-serve Taipei | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店台北


The shop has a couple of small benches and a single table for guests to sit and enjoy their ice cream. It’s basically an outdoor shop, so obviously not air-conditioned, but it’s shaded and comfortable. The street is quiet and peaceful. At first glance, Jung Yard Softee looks like a takeout-only shop, but something about the rustic simplicity of the place makes you want to slow down. You’ll likely find yourself grabbing a seat and staying for a while.

Jung Yard Soft-serve Taipei | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店台北


My friend and I spent nearly an hour here, letting the ice cream cool us down from the inside out while we watched regular neighbourhood customers come and go. This charming shop is a place worth coming back to, where you can experience the slower side of Taipei and taste Taiwan’s local flavour.

Jung Yard Softee Soft-Serve Ice Cream | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店

地址: 台北大安區興南路二段148巷34號
捷運: 科技大樓站
電話: 02 2706 7623
時間: 週三~五 3:00~21:00, 週六~日 1:00~21:00 (週一、二公休)
臉書: https://www.facebook.com/jung.yard.softee

Address: No. 34, Alley 148, Xingnan Road Sec. 2, Da’an District, Taipei City
MRT: Technology Building Station
Phone: 02 2706 7623
Hours: Wed-Fri 3:00~21:00, Sat-Sun 1:00~21:00 (closed Mon, Tues)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jung.yard.softee

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