CLOSED 已關門 ~ VIVO Spanish Tapas (Da’an, Taipei) | VIVO光癮時尚餐飲 (台北大安)

2015-08-23 13.15.01

在台北吃到美味手工冰淇淋,不見得需要到處尋找藏於巷弄的、巴掌大的冰淇淋專賣小店,其實有許多餐廳另外販賣自製冰淇淋。「VIVO光癮時尚餐飲」就是其中一個。西班牙「tapas」料理概念餐廳的VIVO, 不僅提供精緻又地道的,巴塞隆納來的廚師做的西班牙料理--它還有很豐富的菜單(從早午餐到消夜都有,還有咖啡吧、進口葡萄酒)、設計獨特又想像的空間、寬敞的用餐區和舒適的露天座位等等;但對我來說最重要的是他們的自製手工義式冰淇淋與雪酪

To get great handmade ice cream in Taipei, you don’t necessarily have to go searching for obscure hole-in-the-wall shops that specialize exclusively in ice cream – many restaurants make ice cream as a side business. VIVO Spanish Tapas is one of these. A concept restaurant that offers a complete experience VIVO boasts authentic Spanish cuisine (the head chef is a native of Barcelona); an extensive menu that includes brunch, lunch, dinner and imported wines; artistic modern atmosphere with quirky art-deco design; indoor and outdoor seating; a full coffee bar; and, most importantly, an ice cream bar serving a selection of fresh house-made gelatos and sorbets!

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La Maison De Glace (Xinyi, Taipei) | 駱師傅法式冰淇淋之家 (台北信義)

2015-08-18 22.57.30

當我第一次去 「駱師傅法式冰淇淋之家」,Google還沒聽到他們從師大搬到信義的消息,結果我走錯地方,空手回家! 但是受到獲獎冰淇淋師父做的精緻法式冰淇淋的誘惑,讓我不得不再次出門尋找,而這次成功了!

The first time I tried to find La Maison De Glace, I went home hungry – the shop had recently relocated to Xinyi after several years in the Shida night market area, and Google apparently hadn’t got the memo about the new location. But the promise of flavour-rich French-style ice cream made by an award-winning ice cream master compelled me to try again, and this time I found it!

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Vita Ice Cream (East District, TAINAN) | 維特冰淇淋專賣店 (台南東區)

2015-08-11 13.48.07

台南是一個很特別的,帶有獨特風格的地方。台南料理是全台最代表又最美味的; 台南人有濃烈當地身分。我的台南朋友Perry說,”來台南,大家都是台南人。” 但我還會加上,來台南,每一種料理都是台南料理。當我住台南的時候我很快發現,吃外國料理本來是浪費時間(還浪費錢!),因為一般來講它最後都吃起來好像台灣料理–還是多吃虱目魚粥、鱔魚意麵等等正宗當地經典料理比較好,反正這些都比較好吃喔!


Tainan is a special city with a unique style, the most famous cuisine in Taiwan, and fierce local pride. My friend Perry says, “everyone who comes to Tainan becomes a Tainanese.” I’d also add that every food that comes to Tainan becomes Tainanese. When I lived in Tainan I quickly discovered that it’s a waste of time (and money!) eating foreign food, because it all comes out tasting like Taiwanese food – it’s better to stick with authentic local classics like milk fish congee and eel noodles, which taste better anyway. But there are exceptions, of course. Tainan may not have the best pho, kimchi soup, Indian curries or hamburgers, but detail-oriented Tainanese are very adept at churning out some top-quality handmade ice cream. There are several famous ice cream shops in the city, but my favourite is a well-kept secret hidden in a residential part of East District: Vita Ice Cream. Continue reading

Matias’ Gelato (Songshan, Taipei) | 馬提亞手工義式冰淇淋(台北松山)

2015-07-29 16.16.47

好像松山區開始變成我尋找冰淇淋的新地方。首先是轉轉吉拉朵,現在是馬提亞手工義式冰淇淋,同時,我的「冰淇淋必吃名單」越來越長了。但比較遠離市中心的松山區的美食不像忠孝復興/敦化那麼密集,松山區比較散開一點,要用功一點才找得到喔! 位於復興北路的馬提亞應該是其中最好找的一家。

It seems the Songshan area is turning into my second ice cream hunting ground. First it was Tenten Gelateria, and now Matias’ Gelato; meanwhile, the number of Songshan addresses on my ice cream hit list continues to grow. But Songshan isn’t the all-you-can-eat window shopping and food-gawking buffet that its neighbour Zhongxiao Fuxing/Dunhua is. Things are a little more spread-out here – you have to do a little work to find the goods! Hidden in plain view on Fuxing North Road, Matias is one of the easier shops to find. Continue reading