Matias’ Gelato (Songshan, Taipei) | 馬提亞手工義式冰淇淋(台北松山)

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好像松山區開始變成我尋找冰淇淋的新地方。首先是轉轉吉拉朵,現在是馬提亞手工義式冰淇淋,同時,我的「冰淇淋必吃名單」越來越長了。但比較遠離市中心的松山區的美食不像忠孝復興/敦化那麼密集,松山區比較散開一點,要用功一點才找得到喔! 位於復興北路的馬提亞應該是其中最好找的一家。

It seems the Songshan area is turning into my second ice cream hunting ground. First it was Tenten Gelateria, and now Matias’ Gelato; meanwhile, the number of Songshan addresses on my ice cream hit list continues to grow. But Songshan isn’t the all-you-can-eat window shopping and food-gawking buffet that its neighbour Zhongxiao Fuxing/Dunhua is. Things are a little more spread-out here – you have to do a little work to find the goods! Hidden in plain view on Fuxing North Road, Matias is one of the easier shops to find.

2015-07-30 11.28.27

馬提亞老闆的故事蠻有趣,他曾經住過十年阿根廷,因為那裡有許多義大利來的移民,所以有機會碰到地道的義大利料理,吃著那邊的正宗義式冰淇淋就愛上了它,回台灣的時候決定自己開一家義式冰淇淋店。馬提亞和法式冰淇淋店O Rose相同在兩者都忠於傳統做法,除了減少了傳統食譜裡的糖分以外。我覺得這就是台灣冰淇淋最大的優勢之一,可以好好體驗其食才的天然好味道,不會被一大堆糖掩蓋,比甜過頭的冰淇淋更有味,更好吃。馬提亞與我寫過的冰淇淋店一樣有當地跟異國口味,以台灣生產的水果為主。水果口味冰品主要的是雪酪而不是冰淇淋,老闆堅持把雪酪作得儘量純粹,所以馬提亞的水果雪酪都不含牛奶,全素可食用嘍

The owner has an interesting story – he spent 10 years living in Argentina, which apparently has a large Italian population. He fell in love with Argentina’s Italian-style gelato and decided to bring it home with him when he moved back to Taiwan. Just like the traditional French-style ice cream at O Rose, Matias’ Italian-style gelato is true to its roots except for one modification – less sugar! That’s truly one of the best things about eating ice cream in Taiwan – you can enjoy the purity of the ingredients so much more when there isn’t a mountain of sugar getting in the way. Like most of the shops I’ve reviewed, Matias offers a mixture of local and exotic flavours, with nearly all of the fruits coming from local growers in Taiwan. Most of the fruit flavours are actually sorbets, which he keeps as pure as possible. All Matias’ Gelato sorbets are dairy-free and vegan!

2015-07-30 11.25.31

後面: 巧克力、香草、及萊姆葡萄乾冰淇淋。前面: 黑芝麻、瑞士巧克力冰淇淋。我試吃了巧克力口味,對我來說巧克力味很普通,有點淡,可以再苦一點會更好吃,但台灣不太流行我愛吃的苦巧克力,所以這樣大概比較適合當地的胃口。

Rear: chocolate, vanilla, and rum raisin gelato. Front: black sesame and stracchiatella gelato. I sampled the chocolate and found it pretty standard – probably well-suited for local tastes, but not bitter enough for me!

2015-07-30 11.26.24


To the right, there’s matcha gelato (rear) and banana (front). I forgot to ask if the banana was a gelato or a dairy-free sorbet, but I suspect it may be the latter because its fruit content is so high – it’s rich, dense, and bursting with the caramelly flavour of fresh, local bananas.

2015-07-30 11.27.40

後面:抹茶冰淇淋龍眼蜂蜜冰淇淋桑葚雪酪。前面:綜合野莓冰淇淋、荔枝府盆莓雪酪 。我很期待吃到老闆新鮮荔枝做的荔枝雪酪,但試吃了一口發現了它冰得硬硬的,味道有點甜。

Rear: matcha gelato, longan honey gelato, and mulberry sorbet. Front: mixed berry, lychee-raspberry sorbet . I was excited about the lychee sorbet, but found the texture a little icy and the flavour a little sweet for my taste.

2015-08-01 17.24.21


Rear: mulberry sorbet, passionfruit sorbet. Front: lime sorbet. I tried the super-pure lime sorbet.  Flecked with flavourful bits of freshly-grated lime zest, this sorbet is especially low in sugar, retaining a strong, natural acidity. It’s light, refreshing, and low-cal. People who enjoy tart fruit flavours are sure to appreciate this fresh lime sorbet!

2015-07-30 11.23.24


Local Miaoli longan honey gelato, $65NT/scoop. This unique gelato features local honey as its star ingredient – not just as a sweetener for something else. I expected it to be fairly neutral and vanilla-like, but then I had a bite, and…wow! The intense, richly complex flavour was a sweet surprise! The initial explosion of fruity sweetness mellows to a full, almost smoky aftertaste. Matias’ honey comes from a farm in nearby Miaoli and is produced from flowers of the longan fruit, a relative of the lychee. This delicious, natural gelato is worth a trip to Songshan!

2015-07-30 11.24.20

百香果雪酪,$65 NT/球。此款春百香果的雪酪,當然是以台灣產的百香果做的嘍!有的店用百香果時喜歡留下果籽以增加脆脆的口感,但馬提亞百香果雪酪的果籽都已濾除了,以做出滑順綿密的的雪酪。還看得出來剩下小小黑黑的果籽碎塊,讓亮橘色的雪酪更漂亮!

Passionfruit sorbet, $65 NT/scoop. Made with locally-grown passionfruits, of course! Some shops like to leave the seeds in for crunch, but Matias has painstakingly strained them out for a smooth sorbet. You can still see a few little black flecks left over from broken seeds, making the bright orange sorbet even prettier to look at!

2015-07-30 11.19.38


Passionfruits have a lot of flavour, but almost no substance – they’re pretty much just juice and seeds, very low in sugar and with almost no pectin or fibre. It’s tricky to make a smooth-textured passionfruit sorbet without adding other stuff to give it body. That’s why you usually see “passionfruit-mango sorbet” or “passionfruit  frozen yogurt” instead of pure passionfruit sorbet. The texture of this sorbet was a little on the watery side – I expect because the owner likes to keep his product as pure as possible, without adding a ton of sugar and stabilizers – but it blew me away with its super-concentrated, 100% passionfruit flavour.

2015-07-30 11.16.19


The shop offers a full range of beverages and afternoon-tea snacks at friendly prices a little below average.

2015-07-30 11.22.04 

Matias’ Gelato | 馬提亞手工義式冰淇淋

地址: 台北市松山區復興北路469號
電話: 02 2546 8758
時間: 週二至週日14:00~21:00 (週一公休)

Address: No. 469 Fuxing North Road, Songshan District, Taipei
Tel: 02 2546 8758
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 14:00~21:00 (closed Mondays)

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