La Maison De Glace (Xinyi, Taipei) | 駱師傅法式冰淇淋之家 (台北信義)

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當我第一次去 「駱師傅法式冰淇淋之家」,Google還沒聽到他們從師大搬到信義的消息,結果我走錯地方,空手回家! 但是受到獲獎冰淇淋師父做的精緻法式冰淇淋的誘惑,讓我不得不再次出門尋找,而這次成功了!

The first time I tried to find La Maison De Glace, I went home hungry – the shop had recently relocated to Xinyi after several years in the Shida night market area, and Google apparently hadn’t got the memo about the new location. But the promise of flavour-rich French-style ice cream made by an award-winning ice cream master compelled me to try again, and this time I found it!

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作為一種外來的新奇食物,精緻手工冰淇淋在台灣是一個風險較大的行業。尤其在租金天高的、競爭激烈的台北市,獨立手工冰淇淋店的平均壽命極短,真讓人鬱悶! 在這樣的環境中,創立於2007年的「駱師傅法式冰淇淋之家」從開始就因為他們的高品質而受到了稱讚,甚至於2009年獲得了食品金牌獎及國家優良商品金牌獎的殊榮。「駱師傅法式冰淇淋之家」靠著名氣與駱師父對品質的堅持,經得起台北日益變化潮流(和日益高漲的房租!)的考驗,已經快十年了—至於台北獨立冰淇淋店來說,已經算老店了!

As a foreign novelty rather than a local mainstay, gourmet ice cream is a risky business in Taiwan; particularly in Taipei, where rent is high and competition is fierce, the average lifespan of one of these little shops is distressingly short. Established in 2007, La Maison De Glace quickly earned praise for its superior ice cream – it even won a national award for best food product in 2009. Based on its solid reputation and owner Master Luo’s dedication to quality, this little shop has managed to weather Taipei’s fleeting trends (and increasing costs!) for nearly 10 years already – a veteran, in Taipei terms.

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店前的冰箱沒有甚麼漂亮的擺放可以看,冰淇淋都為了預防乾掉或融化而被蓋起來了。每天提供的口味都不一樣,今天只有八款口味: 六款冰淇淋(黑芝麻、巧克力、香草、萊姆葡萄乾、鹽之花焦糖奶霜、杏仁榛果)及兩款雪酪(芒果、荔枝)。「駱師傅法式冰淇淋之家」的招牌口味為巧克力,使用來自法國Valhrona 法芙娜頂級黑巧克力做的。我試吃了一口,真是美味,純粹的巧克力味濃郁深沉,甜度很低,微苦,很香,很適合我的口味! 可是這麼熱的天,還是吃清淡一點比較合適。

The ice cream in the cooler out front isn’t much to look at – the ice creams are all covered with lids to prevent them from drying or melting. Flavours change daily and there were only eight available today: six ice creams (sesame, chocolate, vanilla, rum raisin, milk with sea salt caramel, almond hazelnut) and two sorbets (mango, lychee). Their signature flavour is chocolate, which they make with premium-quality Valhrona dark chocolate imported from France. I tried a sample and it was really good – rich, deep and bittersweet, just the way I like it. But on a hot day, I’m in the mood for something lighter.

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The pricing is a little complicated here because the products are sold by double scoops instead of single. Sorbets are $100 for two scoops, standard ice creams are $125 for two scoops, and premium flavours are $150 for two scoops; however, if you want to order a combination or a single scoop, they’ll average out the price for you. We ended up getting two scoops of  sorbet and one scoop of ice cream for $150. The price is low, but the scoops are quite small.

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Vanilla ice cream, $125/two scoops. The vanilla ice cream is very intense – according to the staff, they use two to three times the amount of vanilla bean in an average recipe – so much that the ice cream is a creamy latte colour instead of classic white with black vanilla flecks. This “extra-strength” vanilla ice cream tastes very different from others I’ve had before, with a lower butterfat content and  a very strong vanilla taste that covers the mild milky flavour. It was interesting, but I still prefer a milkier-tasting vanilla!

2015-08-18 23.13.08

芒果雪酪,$100/雙球。我吃過的芒果雪酪當中,「駱師傅法式冰淇淋之家」做的是最好吃的之一! 老闆特以尋找了一個叫做「紅龍」的稀有芒果品種,將紅龍和愛文芒果混合起來做成最酸甜黃金比例。口感如奶油般滑順,味道特別順口,又帶有超美味的多層次天然當地芒果香味,真讓人讚不絕口!

Mango sorbet, $100/two scoops. The mango sorbet is one of the best I’ve had! The owner sought out a rare mango variety called “red dragon” and combined it with the common Irwin mango to get the desired balance of sweetness and acidity. The texture and flavour are buttery smooth, with a wonderful complexity from the fresh, local mangoes.

2015-08-18 23.06.14


Lychee sorbet, $100/two scoops. This lovely lychee sorbet has a surprisingly smooth and creamy texture, not hard and icy like the lychee sorbet at other shops I’ve been to. It’s also a little bit tart, not so sweet.

2015-08-18 23.05.10

「駱師傅法式冰淇淋之家」每天都製作新鮮冰淇淋和雪酪,我這次來剛好有一大桶「貝禮詩香甜奶酒」口味冰淇淋剛剛出爐了,店員讓我試吃,口感綿綿密密,超級滑順,甜度剛好,不膩口,還帶有很明顯的酒味,比我吃過的貝禮詩酒口味冰淇淋濃多了,可以吃得出來駱師父用料實在大方! 在冰箱最後面還看得到, 他們還有冰棒,才$30/支,我覺得CP值蠻高的!

La Maison De Glace makes their ice cream fresh daily. I got there just as a fresh batch of Bailey’s Irish Cream was coming out of the kitchen! They even let me try a sample. It was very creamy and not super sweet, with a strong boozy kick – much stronger than other Bailey’s ice creams I’ve tried. Clearly they don’t skimp on ingredients here! They also make popsicles, which you can see hiding in the back of the freezer. Popsicles are a great deal at only $30/piece!

2015-08-18 23.04.14

從外面看,這個店看起來很小,但它其實有兩層,一樓有點擠,只能容納3~4小桌子在大冰箱旁邊。有正式用餐區在地下室裡面,但不太明顯,很容易錯過,我看FB上的相片才知道它的存在! 雖然有不少客人現場買冰淇淋吃,但網上訂購宅配的客人好像更多。

The storefront looks tiny from the outside, but it’s actually two levels. The first floor has only enough room for four little tables squeezed in alongside the giant deep freezers full of ice creams and popsicles. There is a full-sized dining area in the basement, but it’s easy to miss – I didn’t even know it was there until I saw pictures on their Facebook page. While they do sell quite a bit of ice cream on-site, it seems La Maison De Glace does most of their business through offsales, shipping large orders to restaurants, stores, and private owners.

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冰淇淋冰箱裡沒有你想要吃的口味嗎? 沒關係,你就可以買盒裝冰淇淋回家! 店裡的冰箱有十幾款口味可以選,一盒450 ml。

Don’t see the flavour you want in the ready-to-eat cooler? Grab a tub to go! Although there’s a limited number of flavours available by the scoop, there are literally dozens of flavours available in small 450-ml tubs.

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Here’s a photo of their order form, which lists all of the flavours available. Different flavours are priced differently according to the cost of production.

2015-08-17 14.25.08


The shop also offers beverages and light meals in addition to ice creams, sorbets, and popsicles.

捷運: 市府站4號出口
電話:(02) 2766-0108

Address: No. 10, Lane 101, Alley 30, Yongji Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City
MRT: Taipei City Hall Station, Exit 4
Phone:  (02) 2766-0108

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