Pâtisserie Alex (Xinyi, Taipei) | Pâtisserie Alex 法式甜點(台北信義)

2015-09-22 15.10.14 我最近好像迷上了法式甜點–上週去了珠寶盒法式點心坊嘗試他們的美味雪貝跟冰淇淋,這週終於去了位於松山文創園區東部的「Pâtisserie Alex 法式甜點」。除了「Pâtisserie Alex」的精緻 法式糕點和餅乾以外,還有蠻有名的現做手工霜淇淋

It seems I’m on a French patisserie kick. Last week I tried Boite de Bijou and their fabulous sorbets and ice cream, and this week I finally made the trip to Pâtisserie Alex, a specialty French pastry shop overlooking the east side of Songshan Creative Park that’s known for their fresh, handmade soft-serve.

2015-09-21 17.49.00-1

在「Pâtisserie Alex 法式甜點」的同一條路就有四五家法國麵包坊和點心坊。可能迷上了法式甜點原來是整個台北市,而不只是我!

Patisserie Alex is on a block with a cluster of four or five other French bakeries and patisseries – maybe it’s Taipei that’s on a French kick and not me!

2015-09-21 17.50.01-1

雖然「Pâtisserie Alex 」是法國為主題的店,但他們賣的傳統法式水果派和馬卡龍還結合了一些當地口味,而且店裡超級可愛的泰迪熊裝飾帶有濃濃的台灣風味。

Patisserie Alex may serve traditional French treats such as macarons and tarte tatin, but with its incorporation of local flavours — and its over-the-top teddy bear theme — it’s still unmistakably Taiwanese.

2015-09-21 17.47.30-1

「Pâtisserie Alex 法式甜點」只有一台霜淇淋機,所以每天只能提供兩款口味。牛奶口味是每天固定提供的,另外還有不定期變換的特殊口味。特殊口味冰淇淋主要的是台灣水果和茶葉做的。這一天的特殊霜淇淋是日月潭紅茶–就是一個很道地的台灣口味!

Patisserie Alex only has one soft-serve machine and offers only two flavours at a time. The plain “original” flavour is always available, while the second flavour changes regularly depending on available ingredients. Today’s special was Sun Moon Lake black tea – a very local flavour!

2015-09-22 08.50.13

「Pâtisserie Alex 法式甜點」提供多種霜淇淋配法。可以單點杯裝或餅皮裝的(送小奶油酥餅和自製棉花糖,NT$90)或「瑪麗皇后霜淇淋」(送自製馬卡龍、奶油酥餅、軟糖及棉花糖,NT$150),還可以點聖代、阿法奇朵(霜淇淋淋上濃縮咖啡)以及霜淇淋漂浮飲料。

Ice cream is served in a variety of ways, including the regular cone or cup (garnished with small housemade shortbread and marshmallow, NT$90) and the “Queen Mary” cone (garnished with housemade macaron, shortbread, marshmallow and bonbons, NT$150), as well as sundaes, affogatos (ice cream with espresso) and floats.

2015-09-22 15.09.25


As with most soft-serves, you can order a single flavour or a mixture of the two, so I opted for the mix.

2015-09-22 15.00.13

日月潭紅茶口味 + 牛奶口味綜合霜淇淋,NT$90。霜淇淋看起來不是很大份,但裡面沒有空洞,而且餅皮到最底端都裝滿了霜淇淋,店員蠻大方! 紅茶口味的茶香濃郁純粹,真的吃得出來魚池鄉農會直送的茶葉的品質。牛奶口味也很好吃,因為它的原汁原味奶香可以顯出食材的新鮮。

Sun Moon Lake black tea + original milk mixed cone, NT$90. The ice cream isn’t tall, but there’s no hollow space in the middle, and the ice cream goes all the way to the bottom of the cone! The black tea flavour is very pure and rich. You can really taste the quality of the tea, which Patisserie Alex has delivered directly from the farm. The “original” flavour is also very nice – especially because it showcases the lightness of the ingredients.

2015-09-22 14.57.50

跟霜淇淋專家小涼院很像,「Pâtisserie Alex 法式甜點」不油不膩,可以吃得出來它低糖低脂,讓我很好奇它的乳脂含量到底有多少,我問問老闆娘,她說他們的霜淇淋會低於8%乳脂! 它比一般霜淇淋爽口很多,特別是便利店便宜賣的那種。奶油味剛剛好,不會太重,而且吃完了不會留下黏黏或油膩的感覺。只有一個問題,因為低脂肪的關係,所以它快速融化,這麼漂亮的霜淇淋你都沒時間拍照!

Like soft-serve specialists Jung Yard Softee, Patisserie Alex has a light touch. Their soft-serve is noticeably low-fat and low-sugar – it was so light I actually asked the owners what the fat percentage was, and they said it was less than eight percent fat! It’s much more refreshing than the average soft-serve, particularly the cheap convenience store stuff. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling in your mouth or have an overpowering butterfat flavour. Unfortunately, the low fat content means it melts super quickly – not much time for photos!

2015-09-21 17.45.18-1

「Pâtisserie Alex 法式甜點」很適合喝下午茶,咖啡吧很豐富,甚麼都有,包括多種精品咖啡和茶水、熱巧克力及水果飲料,甚至有法國名店「Mariage Freres 瑪黑兄弟茶」茶葉。今天他們的咖啡吧蓋滿了剛剛出爐的手工芒果口味棉花糖!

Patisserie Alex is an afternoon tea kind of place, so naturally they have a full coffee bar offering all kinds of coffees, teas, hot chocolate, and fruity drinks. They even have Mariage Freres, France’s most famous tea brand. Today the coffee bar was taken over by a fresh batch of handmade mango marshmallows!

2015-09-21 17.46.19-1

他們的蛋糕和水果塔實在太漂亮,完美到幾乎捨不得吃! 但我相信它們吃起來很鮮美。

The pastries are almost too perfect. I can’t really imagine eating them, even though I’m sure they taste delicious.

2015-09-21 17.46.45-1


The macarons are pretty, too.

2015-09-21 17.45.38-1


The tiny, individually packaged cookies are just too easy to buy – even at NT$25-38 per cookie, it’s still easier to justify “just one cookie” than it is to justify a whole pack at the same price!

2015-09-24 08.31.52

我本來是為了吃冰淇淋而來,但我不得不嘗試一下「Pâtisserie Alex」其他的點心。反正,霜淇淋當晚餐吃以後,就是要吃餅乾和棉花糖當甜點嘍!

I only came in for ice cream, but I wanted to sample some of Patisserie Alex’s other treats. Because when you have ice cream for dinner, what else can you have for dessert except cookies and marshmallows?

2015-09-21 17.50.28-1

總之而言,「Pâtisserie Alex 」是一個很舒適的店(雖然淡藍色和泰迪熊為主題的設計有點讓我感覺自己在巨大娃娃屋裡面),空間寬敞明亮,窗外的公園風景特別吸引人。點心很精緻,店員和老闆又很熱情。逛完文創園區後可以來休息一下,享用美味的霜淇淋喝杯咖啡。

Overall, Patisserie Alex is a really nice space (even though the pastels-and-teddy-bears theme made me feel a little bit like I was in a giant dollhouse). The room is bright, spacious and clean, and the view of the garden through the picture windows is especially attractive. The products are excellent quality, and the staff are super friendly. It’s a great place to relax and treat yourself to an ice cream and a coffee after an afternoon browsing exhibits at the Culture Park.

2015-09-22 15.25.58

Pâtisserie Alex 法式甜點

地址: 台北市110信義區忠孝東路四段553巷18號
電話: (02) 2762-3236
捷運: 市政府站或國父紀念館站
時間: 週一到週日 12:00~20:30
價位: NT$90起
官網: www.patisseriealex.com
臉書: www.facebook.com/patisserie.alex

Address: No. 18, Lane 553, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City
Phone: (02) 2762-3236
MRT: City Hall Station or Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station
Hours: Daily 12:00~20:30
Price: NT$90 and up

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