Jason’s Fruits Store (Songshan, Taipei) | 陳記百果園(台北松山)

2015-09-24 17

我開始寫這個部落格的原因,主要是因為我希望向國內外讀者推廣台灣產品和當地小型企業,所以我找到像雪王蜜朵麗O Rose等等強調台灣食材的店,覺得很開心! 當我發現松山區有一家台灣頂級水果專賣小店,「陳記百果園」,我特別期待去試試看。作為水果專家的「陳記百果園」,當然懂得怎樣把水果最好的一面顯示出來 — 就是把它做成冰淇淋喔!

One of the reasons I started this blog was to promote local products and small businesses to both Taiwanese and foreign audiences. I’m always pleased to find ice cream shops like Snow KingMidori and O Rose that emphasize Taiwanese products. I was especially excited to try Jason’s Fruits Store, a cute little shop in Songshan that specializes in Taiwanese fruits. Like any fruit experts, they know how to show their product in its best light — by making it into delicious, fresh ice cream!

2015-09-24 31


Jason’s target market seems to be Japanese tourists, who are famously willing to drop serious cash on a grade-A honeydew or perfect box of apples. Along with premium locally-grown fruits, they also sell all kinds of dried fruits, preserves, jams, vinegars, and of course, ice cream.


They also offer a menu of fresh juices and smoothies, fruit plates, and treats like shaved ice and banana split. The menu has Chinese and Japanese versions, but no English.

2015-09-24 21

說實話,水果的價位有點驚人。我看到了一盒葡萄,定價為NT$2000! 當然,葡萄是我看過最完美的!其他的產品也是很貴,大概是普通點的兩三倍!幸好冰淇淋是比較正常價位:NT$80/小、$150/中、$300/大。不吃奶製品的朋友,對不起,「陳記百果園」目前做的都是含奶的冰淇淋,沒有雪酪!

The fruit prices here are, frankly, a little shocking – I spotted a small box of grapes (exquisitely perfect grapes, to be fair) for NT$2000. The preserves and dried fruits are also quite expensive. Luckily, the ice cream is in the normal price range, at NT$80, $150 and $300 for single, double or triple scoops, respectively. Sorry, vegans – Jason’s only sells ice cream, not sorbet. All of their ice creams contain dairy.

2015-09-24 119


Today’s flavours: grape, plum, pineapple (rear); banana (front).

2015-09-24 20


Chocolate, roselle, mango (rear); orange, watermelon (front).

2015-09-24 23


The mango ice cream is quite special, made with cantaloupe-sized Keitt mangoes (pictured below). The taste was very natural and refreshing. However, as an ice cream, the mango flavour is diluted with milk – it’s not as rich and dense as mango sorbets like the one I fell in love with at Maison de Glace a few blocks away.

2015-09-24 30


Keitt mangoes for sale at NT$120/600g. Each mango must have weighed a kilo or more!

2015-09-24 24


Grape ice cream is another unusual find. This one is also very pure. Notice the natural greenish color and little bits of grape skin!

2015-09-24 22


I knew as soon as I saw the roselle that I’d probably end up ordering it. Roselle ice cream is an unusual find, and the only other place I’ve seen it is the temporarily-closed Snow King. Jason’s, like Snow King, uses grade-A roselle buds grown in Taitung.

2015-09-24 25


As soon as I sampled the roselle, I was hooked! Not a difficult choice at all.

2015-09-24 26


Roselle ice cream, small size, NT$80. The cup is tiny, but they heap it generously.

2015-09-24 27


Jason’s roselle ice cream is soft, light, and sophisticated. Although it’s clearly dairy-based, it doesn’t have a heavy butterfat taste – the flavour is all fresh, tangy roselle. Unlike Snow King, which leaves chewy roselle bits in the ice cream for a bit of interest, Jason’s strains theirs out so it’s perfectly smooth. Both are delicious, but Jason’s is a little stronger and more tart.

2015-09-24 28

朋友點的是單球水果雪堡,NT$220 (雙球為NT$280)。如果小份冰淇淋為80元,那就代表盤子上的水果定價為140元!水果好吃是好吃(特別是甜蜜多汁的哈密瓜),但說實話我覺得單點冰淇淋比較划算。

My friend ordered the single-scoop Fruit Snow Bowl, NT$220 (NT$280 for a double scoop of ice cream). If a single scoop of ice cream is NT$80, then the fruit must be NT$140! It was all very good fruit (especially the luscious, juicy honeydew), but frankly I think the ice cream is the better deal.

2015-09-24 29


My friend chose the grape ice cream for his fruit bowl. It has a very pure, delicate flavour. You can taste the whole grape, peel and all. None of that artificial “purple” taste! It’s quite light, however – we both thought the grapes were too delicate to be diluted with milk and would have been tastier as a sorbet (although I imagine the cost of grape sorbet would be extremely high!).

2015-09-24 32


The shop is tiny and quiet, with a fun, colourful atmosphere that’s a little different from your typical ice cream shop. It’s a pleasant spot to sit and enjoy an ice cream. The fruit tables are too cute – I really wanted to smuggle one home!

2015-09-24 35


Their free citrus water is a  nice touch.

2015-09-24 33


Looking for a flavour that’s not on today’s menu? Want to bring some ice cream home or treat a friend? Jason’s has an entire freezer full of  tubs of ice cream which you can take to go, including currently unavailable flavours left over from previous batches.

2015-09-24 34


The small (NT$80) tubs are about the same size as a single-serving cup. The medium (NT$150) and large (NT$300) tubs are fairly large, offering a better deal than eat-in ice cream. They also sell frozen roselle buds (top) and preserved mullet roe (second from top). Mullet roe? Ok, it’s a little outside of the fruit theme, but I gather it’s such a hot seller in Japan that it’s pretty much a requirement in any store catering to Japanese customers.

2015-09-24 18


Overall, Jason’s Fruits Store is a very special little place, and a great choice for local ice cream. Locals and visitors can all enjoy their uniquely Taiwanese ice cream treats made with top-quality local ingredients. I really liked it and I’ll definitely be taking my friends and family here when they come to visit!

Jason’s Fruits Store | 陳記百果園

地址: 台北市松山區敦化南路一段100巷7弄2號
電話: (02)227722010
捷運: 忠孝敦化站8號出口(走路五分鐘);忠孝復興站4號出口(走路五分鐘)
時間:週一至週五 7:00~19:00;週六 7:00~17:00(週日休息)
價位: NT$80起
官網: www.jfstore.com
臉書: www.facebook.com/Jfstore

Address: No. 2, Lane 7, Alley 100, Dunhua South Road Section 1,  Songshan District, Taipei City
Phone: (02)227722010
MRT: Zhongxiao Dunhua Station exit 8 (five-minute walk); Zhongxiao Fuxing Station exit 4 (five-minute walk)
Hours: Monday to Friday 7:00~19:00; Saturday 7:00~17:00 (closed Sundays)
Price: NT$80 and up
Website: www.jfstore.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Jfstore

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