Indigenous Ice Cream @ Taya Po Po Atayal Restaurant, Wulai |烏來老店泰雅婆婆的原住民冰淇淋 (烏來)


Wulai Township is one of my favourite places in Taiwan. This tiny village of 6,000 is a very special place where you can get away from the city, breathe clean air, enjoy a lush mountain landscape, hike in the woods… Continue reading

My favourite shops in 2015



My overall top six shops in 2015

These are the shops that have it all – great ice cream, a pleasant atmosphere, and a business philosophy I’m proud to support. These are the places I’d go back to again and again. Continue reading


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以下是我去年去過的,給客人最圓滿冰淇淋體驗的手工冰淇淋店,不僅有美味手工冰淇淋,還有適合休息的舒適環境值得支持的生意哲學,都是我可以當常客的好店。 Continue reading

2015年的冰淇淋日記 | 2015 in Ice Cream

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