On The Road Gelato (Shilin, Taipei) | On The Road 義式手工冰淇淋(台北市林)


位於台北市邊緣,離捷運站超過一公里的⌈On The Road義大利冰淇淋⌋,對怕不方便的台北天龍人來說,和登陸月球差不多遠。我自己不得不承認,我第一次聽到朋友推薦這家店以後,還是因為距離的關係所以一直延後走訪On The Road的計畫,而總是會選擇靠近捷運站的店。也太懶惰了吧!幸好芝山捷運站具備著幾十台YouBike,而且前往On The Road的路基本上是一條直線而已,它的路線這麼簡單,再拖延可說不過去了!

Located on the edge of Taipei City over a kilometre from the nearest MRT station, On The Road Gelato may as well be on another planet to the convenience-obsessed citizens of Taipei. I admit I put off my plans to come here for months after I first heard of it, opting instead to visit places that were just steps from the metro. Luckily, Zhishan MRT Station is equipped with a fleet of Youbikes and the route from the station to the shop is basically a straight line up Zhongcheng Road, leaving me with few excuses! 

當你開始覺得坐20分鐘的捷運再輕鬆騎10分鐘的腳踏車⌈好遠耶!⌋,你就知道你住了太久台北了。從捷運站到冰淇淋店的路騎YouBike很方便,而且到了目的地就可以吃到美味的手工冰淇淋一來好好獎勵自己!相信我,等你抵達On The Road,你會覺得多消耗了點熱量才能到這是正確的!

You know you’ve been in Taipei too long when a 20-minute metro ride followed by a 10-minute bike ride is “too far”!  It’s a quick and easy ride – with delicious handmade gelato at the end! When you arrive, you’ll be grateful you burned those extra calories.


但我們可曾停留下來細細欣賞,好好用心體會?生命短暫, 青春不過一瞬,重要的是我們可以在這趟旅程中做些什麼,並在最後留下些什麼?
我們除了是間 Gelato 專賣店外,也希望能夠陪伴大家,在這旅途上一起分享愛與幸福的美好印記!

Made fresh daily. Low fat, low sugar, low GI. All products are made without added cream, using top quality ingredients and fresh fruits, specializing in liqueur and chocolate gelato flavours. We deliver for free, no minimum purchase required.

The road of life is lined with many beautiful things to see and beautiful encounters to experience. But how often do we really stop to smell the roses? Life is short and time flies swiftly. The most important thing is what you do on this journey and the legacy you leave behind. At On The Road, we hope to be more than just a gelato shop – we’re your travel companions. Come enjoy the moment with us.

除了高級義式冰淇淋之外,⌈On The Road⌋有自己的堅持理念,店員和老闆的態度熱情又親切,明確反映出他們經營這家店的用心和踏實。

Along with great gelato, On The Road has a great company philosophy that is sincerely reflected in the owners’ warmth and friendliness.



Everything is made fresh from scratch in their tiny, well-stocked kitchen.


⌈On The Road⌋的冰淇淋零售方式跟別的店有點不一樣,他們會將剛剛出爐的,還沒有暴露在空氣中的新鮮冰淇淋直接裝入外帶盒裡一個一個賣,而不是倒入大冰淇淋盆裡用挖杓一球一球挖。

On The Road serves their gelato a little differently from other shops. Rather than putting the fresh gelato into display trays to scoop from, they package most of it into portioned containers right away, before it can be exposed to air.



Packaging the gelato this way may not be pretty, but it does preserve the quality! The gelato stays fresher longer and doesn’t oxidize or dry out.



They keep one cup of each flavour open to serve samples.



They also serve gelato by the scoop – particularly on the weekend, when there are more customers. During the week, when sales are slower, it’s mainly served by the cup.


其實,來⌈On The Road⌋這麼偏僻的地點是有帶來些收穫,除了比靠近市中心或捷運站的冰淇淋店便宜一些之外,還可以順便運動個十幾分鐘,所以就別嫌它不方便!遠離捷運站的店,租金必定比較低,所以消費者的錢買到的是比較大份量的美味冰淇淋而不是昂貴的店面租金!

Besides the extra 10 minutes of exercise, the shop’s far-flung location has the added benefit of slashing a few dollars off the price! Your dollar goes further out here, buying you more delicious gelato instead of more expensive rent.


⌈On The Road⌋以香草為特色,他們採購全球各地的頂級香草莢自己做成香草精,絕不會用充滿添加物和香料的化學香草精,新鮮又純粹!
On The Road specializes in vanilla. They source specialty vanilla beans from all over the world and prepare their own pure homemade extract – no storebought, chemically-enhanced extracts and flavourings.   IMG_7413

If you look around, you’ll notice lots of their premium ingredients on display – wines and whiskies, fancy Japanese matchas, etc. These bottles of homemade vanilla extract feature vanilla beans from all around the world, each with their own special story and unique flavour. IMG_7418 今天的香草冰淇淋是用印度香草莢做的。
Today’s vanilla gelato is made from Indian vanilla beans. IMG_7421


One perfect scoop of fresh Indian Vanilla Sorbet, NT$79. The vanilla gelato is super, super light. My French friend said it wasn’t strong enough, but I disagreed. The flavour builds on your palate with every smooth, creamy bite. It’s very pure – no alcohol flavour and absolutely minimal sugar getting between you and the vanilla. This is the kind of gelato you can eat a lot of without getting sick of it! IMG_7404 法國朋友最喜歡的口味是招牌芋頭冰淇淋,是一款有特色的中西融合,新鮮芋頭這個很代表台灣在地口味的食材,以傳統義式方式新調製成道地義式冰淇淋,而不是普通的台式芋頭冰,口感細緻溫和,帶有淡淡奶香,不甜不膩,我本來以為稍微挑剔的他肯定會嫌冰淇淋太淡,芋頭味不夠濃,但他反而讚個不絕口,說是他在台灣吃過最喜歡的冰淇淋之一。

My friend liked the taro gelato the most. It’s an interesting fusion – natural Taiwanese taro, prepared in a traditional Italian style. It’s very gentle and milky. I was sure my hard-to-please friend would find it too light, but he couldn’t stop praising it, saying later that it was one of the best gelati he’s tasted in Taiwan.


黑芝麻冰淇淋,NT$79。黑芝麻為⌈On The Road⌋最有人氣口味之一,當我們到場時已經快賣完了,所以,我們毫不猶豫地把最後兩杯買下來了!

Sesame gelato, NT$79. Sesame is On The Road's bestseller. They'd almost sold out by the time we arrived - we got the last two cups! IMG_7422

芝麻冰淇淋沒有甚麼驚喜的,就是芝麻應有的味道,芝麻加牛奶和糖,很簡單,它的特色則在它的口感。許多芝麻冰淇淋的弱點,就是芝麻粉不夠細,冰淇淋吃起來有沙沙的顆粒感,但⌈On The Road⌋的芝麻冰淇淋很滑順,而且綿綿密密的口感並不是添加油汁做出來的。

It tastes like sesame, milk, and sugar – no surprises here. Its appeal is in the texture, which is where many sesame ice creams fail. It’s not dry and chalky, but it’s not softened with extra fat.

巧克力冰淇淋,NT$79。巧克力式⌈On The Road⌋另外一款很受歡迎的冰淇淋,他們常常用不同種巧克力提供給客人不一樣的巧克力體驗,今天的巧克力為85%可可亞的嘎那黑巧克力。

Chocolate gelato, NT$79. Chocolate is another one of their most popular flavours, made with a rotating variety of premium chocolate. Today’s chocolate is an 85% cocoa dark chocolate from Ghana.


This chocolate is quite special. They use the absolute minimum amount of sugar, so you can really taste the chocolate. Although it’s not very sweet, it doesn’t taste acidic or bitter. You can taste more of its subtle, smoky, fruity notes with every bite. This is a good choice for a serious chocolate lover!

⌈On The Road⌋的菜單還有各種飲料、點心與輕食可點,我們嘗試了幾樣東西,比如雞肉鹹派、玫瑰花口味小瑪德蓮餅乾、香烤布朗尼以及水果茶。

On The Road also has a full menu of drinks, snacks, and light meals. We sampled a few things, including the chicken quiche, the rose madeleines, the brownie, and a fruity herbal tea.

布朗尼是手工的,先用烤箱加熱再配上一球香草冰淇淋,雖然聽起來挺邪惡的,但分量很小,所以還算合理! 布朗尼一出爐奶油香四溢,外酥內軟,真的是太完美的配方,兩者都不會太甜,吃完了還會想要多吃一點!
The brownie is heated in the oven until it’s soft and fudgy on the inside and buttery -fragrant on the outside. Like the gelato, it’s not too sweet, and the portion is small, so it’s a reasonable indulgence!



The shop has a comfy dining area with seats and books – great for a relaxing afternoon tea with friends.


總之而言,我覺得⌈On The Road⌋不僅讓人感覺很舒服,而且他們特別堅持品質,賣的東西精緻,製作得很用心,在這可以品嘗當地與異國的好滋味,我高度推薦跑一趟吃吃看!

Overall, I found On The Road to be comfortable, friendly, and very high quality – a great shop where you can taste the best of both local and foreign flavours. I highly recommend giving it a try!
On The Road Gelato

地址: 台北市士林區忠誠路二段136號
電話: (02)2875-2717
交通: 至捷運芝山站再騎約10分鐘YouBike; 也可以搭巴士至天母棒球場站、士東一巷站
時間: 週二至週四12:00~21:30; 週五、六12:00~22:00; 週日12:00~21:30 (週一公休)
臉書: www.facebook.com/OntheRoad136

Address: No. 136, Section 2, Zhongcheng Road, Shilin District, Taipei City
Phone: (02)2875-2717
Transportation: about a 10-minute YouBike ride from Zhishan MRT Station; you can also take a bus to Tianmu Baseball Field or ShiDong First Lane
Time: Tues-Thurs 12:00~21:30; Fri-Sat 12:00~22:00; Sun 12:00~21:30 (closed Mondays)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OntheRoad136

2 thoughts on “On The Road Gelato (Shilin, Taipei) | On The Road 義式手工冰淇淋(台北市林)

  1. My wife and my kid love tho go there after the roller skating class, I went there with them recently and I really enjoy it! Specially the chocolate, so delicious.
    I think this store and O’Rose are really the best in Taipei!


    1. Hi Jimmy, thanks for your comment! I agree – the chocolate was probably my favourite, too. But it was really hard to pick a favourite! I can’t wait to go back and see what kind of chocolate they’re serving next time.


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