About 關於我

I’m Carrie. I love to travel, learn new languages, experience different cultures, and eat ice cream. I’m writing this bilingual blog to help both Taiwanese and foreign readers to find delicious ice cream, and also in the hopes that it will help promote local businesses. At the same time, readers can practice their English and/or Chinese. I hope my ice-cream loving friends can enjoy reading my reviews and go experience Taiwan’s delicious ice cream for themselves!

But why ice cream? And why in Taiwan? You can read about that in my intro post: I’ll have one scoop of Chinese and one scoop of English, please!



2 thoughts on “About 關於我

  1. Hi Carrie, there are 2 more gelato/ ice cream stores you can check it out. “Choice Gelato”(行天宮) and “Baires Argentinean Artisan Ice Cream”(天母)


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