鹹花生咖啡館(台北大同) | Salt Peanuts Cafe (Datong, Taipei)


Dihua Street is one of my favourite parts of Taipei to spend a leisurely afternoon of snacking and window shopping. The streets are lined with old-style buildings and traditional dry-goods stores, and the upper part of the neighbourhood is dotted with charming cafes like Salt Peanuts. I came here just to enjoy a nice meal and a coffee in their gorgeous courtyard, but was suprised to find that I could also try their handmade ice cream, too! In addition to brunch, pastries, and coffee, Salt Peanuts also sells their own ice cream featuring local tea. Continue reading

On The Road Gelato (Shilin, Taipei) | On The Road 義式手工冰淇淋(台北市林)


位於台北市邊緣,離捷運站超過一公里的⌈On The Road義大利冰淇淋⌋,對怕不方便的台北天龍人來說,和登陸月球差不多遠。我自己不得不承認,我第一次聽到朋友推薦這家店以後,還是因為距離的關係所以一直延後走訪On The Road的計畫,而總是會選擇靠近捷運站的店。也太懶惰了吧!幸好芝山捷運站具備著幾十台YouBike,而且前往On The Road的路基本上是一條直線而已,它的路線這麼簡單,再拖延可說不過去了!

Located on the edge of Taipei City over a kilometre from the nearest MRT station, On The Road Gelato may as well be on another planet to the convenience-obsessed citizens of Taipei. I admit I put off my plans to come here for months after I first heard of it, opting instead to visit places that were just steps from the metro. Luckily, Zhishan MRT Station is equipped with a fleet of Youbikes and the route from the station to the shop is basically a straight line up Zhongcheng Road, leaving me with few excuses!  Continue reading

Fruit Republic (Xinzhuang, New Taipei City) | 水果共和國 (新北市新莊區)

2016-01-01 15.56.19

既然我已經走訪了台北市多半獨立營業手工冰淇淋店,我不得不把我的冰淇淋雷達延伸到較遠的地方,發現更多尚未寫過的店! 幸好,新北市的冰淇淋店好像不少,而且日益增加。位於新莊區去年七月開幕的水果共和國,就是新北市最新開的店之一。

Now that I’ve visited most of the independent ice cream shops in Taipei City, I have to start expanding more into New Taipei City to find new shops to write about! Luckily, there seem to be a lot of them, with more popping up every day. Open since July 2015, Xinzhuang district’s Fruit Republic is one of the newest additions. Continue reading

Yellow Lemon Dessert Bar (Xinyi, Taipei) | 黃檸檬甜點吧(台北信義)

2015-10-27 07.34.36

我不知道怎麼了,我今年春天準備冰淇淋店名單的時候完全錯過了「黃檸檬 」,只有在幾個禮拜前朋友提出一起去品嘗他們得過獎的義式霜淇淋以後才知道它的存在。我們本來要去位於大直捷運站附近的總店,但後來發現了信義區的新光三越就有分店,不用跑那麼遠,所以就去了信義分店了。

Somehow I missed Yellow Lemon when I was compiling my ice cream hit list earlier this year – I only heard of it when a friend suggested we go there to check out their award-winning soft-serve gelato a few weeks ago. We originally planned to go to the main location in Dazhi, but it turns out they have a branch at the Shinkong Mitsukoshi in Xinyi, so we went to that one instead. Continue reading

Red On Tree (Da’an, Taipei) | 在欉紅本鋪(台北大安)

2015-10-06 14.59.51


Local cafe Red On Tree wouldn’t be at all out of place in London or Vancouver. They specialize in artisanal jam, which they sell by the jar or serve with yogurt and housemade scones. But they’re most famous for their gourmet house-made gelatos and sorbets, which they make using their jams as a base and serve European-style, expertly paddled into a flower shape. But in spite of their Euro-American packaging, Red On Tree is faithful to its Taiwanese roots, featuring a menu that’s almost exclusively made up of local ingredients.      Continue reading

CLOSED 已關門 ~ VIVO Spanish Tapas (Da’an, Taipei) | VIVO光癮時尚餐飲 (台北大安)

2015-08-23 13.15.01

在台北吃到美味手工冰淇淋,不見得需要到處尋找藏於巷弄的、巴掌大的冰淇淋專賣小店,其實有許多餐廳另外販賣自製冰淇淋。「VIVO光癮時尚餐飲」就是其中一個。西班牙「tapas」料理概念餐廳的VIVO, 不僅提供精緻又地道的,巴塞隆納來的廚師做的西班牙料理--它還有很豐富的菜單(從早午餐到消夜都有,還有咖啡吧、進口葡萄酒)、設計獨特又想像的空間、寬敞的用餐區和舒適的露天座位等等;但對我來說最重要的是他們的自製手工義式冰淇淋與雪酪

To get great handmade ice cream in Taipei, you don’t necessarily have to go searching for obscure hole-in-the-wall shops that specialize exclusively in ice cream – many restaurants make ice cream as a side business. VIVO Spanish Tapas is one of these. A concept restaurant that offers a complete experience VIVO boasts authentic Spanish cuisine (the head chef is a native of Barcelona); an extensive menu that includes brunch, lunch, dinner and imported wines; artistic modern atmosphere with quirky art-deco design; indoor and outdoor seating; a full coffee bar; and, most importantly, an ice cream bar serving a selection of fresh house-made gelatos and sorbets!

Continue reading

Matias’ Gelato (Songshan, Taipei) | 馬提亞手工義式冰淇淋(台北松山)

2015-07-29 16.16.47

好像松山區開始變成我尋找冰淇淋的新地方。首先是轉轉吉拉朵,現在是馬提亞手工義式冰淇淋,同時,我的「冰淇淋必吃名單」越來越長了。但比較遠離市中心的松山區的美食不像忠孝復興/敦化那麼密集,松山區比較散開一點,要用功一點才找得到喔! 位於復興北路的馬提亞應該是其中最好找的一家。

It seems the Songshan area is turning into my second ice cream hunting ground. First it was Tenten Gelateria, and now Matias’ Gelato; meanwhile, the number of Songshan addresses on my ice cream hit list continues to grow. But Songshan isn’t the all-you-can-eat window shopping and food-gawking buffet that its neighbour Zhongxiao Fuxing/Dunhua is. Things are a little more spread-out here – you have to do a little work to find the goods! Hidden in plain view on Fuxing North Road, Matias is one of the easier shops to find. Continue reading

Gelateria Cosi O Cosi (Da’an, Taipei) | Cosi O Cosi義大利冰淇淋 (台北大安)

Two scoops taiwan Taipei Gelateria Cosi O Cosi 義大利冰淇淋台北大安

忠孝復興/敦化地區,美食實在多得要命! 這個地區充滿了超好吃的手工冰淇淋店,比如 Crème白鬍子OVOV,還有其他的尚未發現的。這個考試中心的地段流量高,租金相對的一樣高,所以公司要頑強才存活得下去。在這個變動很快的地段,許多小店和餐廳開了沒有多久就消失不見了,哪怕本來蠻受歡迎的。但能見度高的、落在觀光熱點敦化南路的Cosi O Cosi義大利冰淇淋,算是本地區開最久的獨立冰淇淋專賣店。他們開了這麼久應該表示本店具有某種優勢—-特別是因為它最附近的競爭對手就是旁邊一家很大的、很吸引人的Haagen Dazs!

The Zhongxiao Fuxing/Dunhua neighbourhood is going to be the death of me. This area is full of great ice cream shops, including Crème, Milk Beard, and OVOV, as well as others I’ve yet to discover. This prime urban area has high traffic and equally high rent, so small businesses have to be tough to survive. Turnover is high, and many small shops and eateries vanish only a year or two after opening, even if they’re popular. But with an easy-to-find location right on the Dunhua green mile – and some delicious gelato – Gelateria Cosi O Cosi is one of the longest-running independent ice cream shops in the area. That means something – especially since the nearest competition is a big, shiny Haagen Dazs just half a block away!

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Le Petit Baron Gelato (Zhongzheng, Taipei) | 小南蕨手工義式冰淇淋 (台北中正)

2015-06-23 16.42.18

位於台北市牯嶺街的小南蕨,是中正區的少數手工冰淇淋店之一。店面小小的,很容易錯過,我經過無數次才終於注意到它的存在。小南蕨總店在台南,去年開了台北分店,剛好上個禮拜歡慶了一週年! 老闆是特意去義大利學義大利冰淇淋的傳統作法。小南蕨每天所提供的口味最多只有12種,都很精緻,種類分為新鮮水果、濃郁牛奶、酒精口味以及限定特殊口味,店員說全部當中只有巧克力跟香草才是每天固定供應的,其他的口味輪流供應,每天的選擇不一樣。

Located on Guling Street in Taipei City, Le Petit Baron is one of the few handmade ice cream shops in Zhongzheng district. The storefront is tiny – I’ve passed by countless times and only recently noticed it was there. Le Petit Baron’s original location is in Tainan, and they only opened their Taipei location last year – they apparently celebrated their one year anniversary just last week! The owner went to Italy specifically to learn the art of traditional Italian-style gelato. Each day Le Petit Baron has up to 12 different gourmet gelatos to choose from, including refreshing fruit flavours, rich cream-based flavours, liqueur flavours, and limited-edition specialty flavours. According to the staff, the only fixed daily offerings are chocolate and vanilla – the others all vary daily.
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