Yellow Lemon Dessert Bar (Xinyi, Taipei) | 黃檸檬甜點吧(台北信義)

2015-10-27 07.34.36

我不知道怎麼了,我今年春天準備冰淇淋店名單的時候完全錯過了「黃檸檬 」,只有在幾個禮拜前朋友提出一起去品嘗他們得過獎的義式霜淇淋以後才知道它的存在。我們本來要去位於大直捷運站附近的總店,但後來發現了信義區的新光三越就有分店,不用跑那麼遠,所以就去了信義分店了。

Somehow I missed Yellow Lemon when I was compiling my ice cream hit list earlier this year – I only heard of it when a friend suggested we go there to check out their award-winning soft-serve gelato a few weeks ago. We originally planned to go to the main location in Dazhi, but it turns out they have a branch at the Shinkong Mitsukoshi in Xinyi, so we went to that one instead. Continue reading

CLOSED 關門了 ~ Cool N2 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (Shilin Night Market, Taipei) | Cool N2 分子虎 分子雪糕專賣(士林夜市)

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Update | 更新

Cool N2  分子虎 分子雪糕專賣士林夜市分店已2015年9月關門了。

Cool N2 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream’s Shilin Night Market location is now closed, as of September 2015.

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