Gelateria Cosi O Cosi (Da’an, Taipei) | Cosi O Cosi義大利冰淇淋 (台北大安)

Two scoops taiwan Taipei Gelateria Cosi O Cosi 義大利冰淇淋台北大安

忠孝復興/敦化地區,美食實在多得要命! 這個地區充滿了超好吃的手工冰淇淋店,比如 Crème白鬍子OVOV,還有其他的尚未發現的。這個考試中心的地段流量高,租金相對的一樣高,所以公司要頑強才存活得下去。在這個變動很快的地段,許多小店和餐廳開了沒有多久就消失不見了,哪怕本來蠻受歡迎的。但能見度高的、落在觀光熱點敦化南路的Cosi O Cosi義大利冰淇淋,算是本地區開最久的獨立冰淇淋專賣店。他們開了這麼久應該表示本店具有某種優勢—-特別是因為它最附近的競爭對手就是旁邊一家很大的、很吸引人的Haagen Dazs!

The Zhongxiao Fuxing/Dunhua neighbourhood is going to be the death of me. This area is full of great ice cream shops, including Crème, Milk Beard, and OVOV, as well as others I’ve yet to discover. This prime urban area has high traffic and equally high rent, so small businesses have to be tough to survive. Turnover is high, and many small shops and eateries vanish only a year or two after opening, even if they’re popular. But with an easy-to-find location right on the Dunhua green mile – and some delicious gelato – Gelateria Cosi O Cosi is one of the longest-running independent ice cream shops in the area. That means something – especially since the nearest competition is a big, shiny Haagen Dazs just half a block away!

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Jung Yard Softee Soft-Serve Ice Cream (Da’an, Taipei) | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店(台北大安)

Jung Yard Soft-serve Taipei | 小涼院霜淇淋專門店台北


Jung Yard Softee is a tiny, low-profile shop specializing in handmade gourmet soft-serve. It’s so obscure that if a reader hadn’t recommended it to me, I’d never have found it!

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Snow King (Zhongzheng, Taipei) | 雪王冰淇淋 (台北中正區)

更新! 我們最愛的雪王冰淇淋重新開店了,現在在原址二樓,已經開始營業了。新面貌,冰淇淋依然獨特美味!

Update! Our beloved Snow King has reopened – the location is the same, but the shop now operates out of the second floor. The look is new but the unique and delicious ice cream remains the same!

snow king ice cream taipei 雪王叭噗冰淇淋台北 成立於1947年的雪王冰淇淋,可能是台灣最有特色的冰淇淋專賣店之一。散發著濃濃懷念氣氛的店面,店內的老舊桌椅和店外的手畫牌子好像從來沒有變過,一直保持40年代的經典風格。我很喜歡雪王的簡單和復古,尤其喜歡他們超好吃的、有超獨特的冰淇淋!

Operating since 1947, the famous Snow King Ice Cream must be one of Taiwan’s most distinctive ice cream shops. The vintage storefront creates a nostalgic atmosphere, with plain metal tables, old wooden stools, and a hand-painted signboard that make you feel like the place hasn’t changed since the 40’s. It feels like a Taiwanese version of the classic American soda shop.

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IOU Cafe Handmade Ice Cream & Afternoon Tea (Da’an, Taipei) | IOU 手工冰淇淋&下午茶 (台北大安)

IOU Cafe Ice Cream Taipei 手工冰淇淋台北

Located just steps from trendy Yongkang street and Dongmen MRT station, IOU Cafe sells house-made gelato, frozen yogurt, soft-serve and sorbet, as well as several popular afternoon tea treats and classic Taiwan-style sweets such as snowflake ice, mango ice and waffles. There are several ice creams made with local ingredients such as Maokong Tieguanyin tea and Taiwanese Irwin mangoes. They also offer exotic flavours such as dark chocolate and cherry, which are made with imported ingredients.

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Midori Handmade Ice Cream (Yuanshan, Taipei) | 蜜朵麗專業冰淇淋(台北圓山)

Midori Ice Cream Taipei 蜜朵麗冰淇淋台北

Located in Yuanshan’s Maji Maji Square, Midori Handmade Ice Cream is a little shop specializing in local and organic ingredients. The owners originally worked as organic farmers in Hsinchu County before deciding to move to Taipei and start a business, using ice cream to promote local and organic food to consumers. If you want to taste some real local flavour and support organic agriculture and local business, you should definitely come check it out.

位於圓山Maji Maji集食行樂裡的米朵麗專業冰淇淋,以在地有機食材為主題。老闆本來在新竹縣做有機農業,為了更能夠向消費者推廣有機在地農業才來台北創業。想吃到台灣在地風味的朋友,或是希望支持有機農業和小型企業的朋友,一定要來跑一趟吃吃看。
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