IOU Cafe Handmade Ice Cream & Afternoon Tea (Da’an, Taipei) | IOU 手工冰淇淋&下午茶 (台北大安)

IOU Cafe Ice Cream Taipei 手工冰淇淋台北

Located just steps from trendy Yongkang street and Dongmen MRT station, IOU Cafe sells house-made gelato, frozen yogurt, soft-serve and sorbet, as well as several popular afternoon tea treats and classic Taiwan-style sweets such as snowflake ice, mango ice and waffles. There are several ice creams made with local ingredients such as Maokong Tieguanyin tea and Taiwanese Irwin mangoes. They also offer exotic flavours such as dark chocolate and cherry, which are made with imported ingredients.

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8% Ice (Da’an, Taipei) | 8% Ice (台北大安)   


Yongkang Street’s famous 8% Ice is the first ice cream shop I really fell in love with; you could also say it’s the inspiration for this blog. Their gelato is fresh and delicious – you can taste the quality of the ingredients and the care with which it’s made. Their flavours are unique but tasteful, nothing strange or gimmicky to attract customers’ attention. Besides gelato, they also offer handmade soft-serve ice cream, sorbet, popsicles, affogato (ice cream with espresso) and beverages. The ice cream flavours are on rotation, so every time you go there will be different limited-edition flavours available.


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