Le Petit Baron Gelato (Zhongzheng, Taipei) | 小南蕨手工義式冰淇淋 (台北中正)

2015-06-23 16.42.18

位於台北市牯嶺街的小南蕨,是中正區的少數手工冰淇淋店之一。店面小小的,很容易錯過,我經過無數次才終於注意到它的存在。小南蕨總店在台南,去年開了台北分店,剛好上個禮拜歡慶了一週年! 老闆是特意去義大利學義大利冰淇淋的傳統作法。小南蕨每天所提供的口味最多只有12種,都很精緻,種類分為新鮮水果、濃郁牛奶、酒精口味以及限定特殊口味,店員說全部當中只有巧克力跟香草才是每天固定供應的,其他的口味輪流供應,每天的選擇不一樣。

Located on Guling Street in Taipei City, Le Petit Baron is one of the few handmade ice cream shops in Zhongzheng district. The storefront is tiny – I’ve passed by countless times and only recently noticed it was there. Le Petit Baron’s original location is in Tainan, and they only opened their Taipei location last year – they apparently celebrated their one year anniversary just last week! The owner went to Italy specifically to learn the art of traditional Italian-style gelato. Each day Le Petit Baron has up to 12 different gourmet gelatos to choose from, including refreshing fruit flavours, rich cream-based flavours, liqueur flavours, and limited-edition specialty flavours. According to the staff, the only fixed daily offerings are chocolate and vanilla – the others all vary daily.
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