Beimen Pineapple Ice (Da’an, Taipei) | 北門鳳梨冰 (台北大安)


It’s been a while since I wrote about a place in central Taipei – lately it seems I have to go further and further afield to find new ice cream shops to write about. However, thanks to a tip-off from a reader, I’ve found a hidden gem in the  middle of DunNan shopping district that I’m really excited about: Beimen Pineapple Ice! Continue reading

船來芋冰雪淇淋(台北大同)| Boat Come Taro Ice (Datong, Taipei)

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I found the oddly-named Boat Come Taro Ice on a random Google Maps scan of the neighbourhood when I was shopping on Dihua Street the other day. I’d never heard of the place before – the main branch is in Yilan, apparently. The Taipei branch keeps a low profile and doesn’t seem to have developed the cult following it deserves. This is one of those legit “too good to be true” places where you wonder why people aren’t lined up down the block. They have a pretty solid company message: Continue reading

Taiwan Pure Handmade Ice Cream (Tonghua Night Market, Da’an, Taipei) | 台灣純手工冰淇淋(台北市大安區通化夜市)

2015-10-21 21.39.05-1


Just when I started to worry I was going to have to go further afield to find local ice cream makers to write about, I stumbled across one in an unexpected place: Tonghua Night Market. (The same thing happened to me a few months ago when I realized LeHua Night Market, next door to my house, had a fabulous handmade soft-serve stand!)

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Right Ice Cream (Songshan, Taipei) | 來特手工鮮果冰淇淋(台北松山)

2015-10-15 16.21.59

隱藏在松山區靠近市民大道被遺忘角落的「來特手工鮮果冰淇淋」是一家不可能偶然遇到的店。周圍地段只有二手家具店跟車行,不是逛街的地區,所以這家小小的店非得特意找才能找到。「來特」這麼不好找會讓人懷疑他們躲著顧客!只因為有一次遇見他們的冰淇淋車的緣分我才知道萊特冰淇淋的存在,當時剛好賣完了冰淇淋正收拾中,所以沒有吃到。我就是因為要寫這個部落格才堅持尋找這麼不好找的店! 但我對結果感到十分滿意,因為找到了萊特冰淇淋以後我發現了它就是我所要寫的目標,一家充滿土生土長台灣風味的,很草根性的家族生意。來特冰淇淋不光提供好吃的手工冰淇淋,也提供一個冰淇淋故事

Right Ice Cream is one of those places you will never, ever find if you don’t go looking for it. Tucked away in a back alley just off the Civic Boulevard highway, in a forgotten corner of Songhan district that seems to be mostly junk stores and auto shops, it’s not only nearly invisible – it seems absurdly out of place. One almost wonders if they’re hiding from customers! If it weren’t for their ice cream cart, which they occasionally wheel out to more visible areas, I’d never have heard of it at all. It was only by chance that I spotted the cart near Ningxia Night Market one night, just after they’d sold their last scoop and packed up for the day, and if it weren’t for this blog, I doubt I’d have bothered to follow up and come all the way out here to find the shop. But I’m glad I did. Right Ice Cream turned out to be a real gem – a grassroots, made-in-Taiwan family business. Exactly the kind of place this blog is dedicated to. You don’t just go to Right for an ice cream – you go there for ice cream and a story. Continue reading

Vita Ice Cream (East District, TAINAN) | 維特冰淇淋專賣店 (台南東區)

2015-08-11 13.48.07

台南是一個很特別的,帶有獨特風格的地方。台南料理是全台最代表又最美味的; 台南人有濃烈當地身分。我的台南朋友Perry說,”來台南,大家都是台南人。” 但我還會加上,來台南,每一種料理都是台南料理。當我住台南的時候我很快發現,吃外國料理本來是浪費時間(還浪費錢!),因為一般來講它最後都吃起來好像台灣料理–還是多吃虱目魚粥、鱔魚意麵等等正宗當地經典料理比較好,反正這些都比較好吃喔!


Tainan is a special city with a unique style, the most famous cuisine in Taiwan, and fierce local pride. My friend Perry says, “everyone who comes to Tainan becomes a Tainanese.” I’d also add that every food that comes to Tainan becomes Tainanese. When I lived in Tainan I quickly discovered that it’s a waste of time (and money!) eating foreign food, because it all comes out tasting like Taiwanese food – it’s better to stick with authentic local classics like milk fish congee and eel noodles, which taste better anyway. But there are exceptions, of course. Tainan may not have the best pho, kimchi soup, Indian curries or hamburgers, but detail-oriented Tainanese are very adept at churning out some top-quality handmade ice cream. There are several famous ice cream shops in the city, but my favourite is a well-kept secret hidden in a residential part of East District: Vita Ice Cream. Continue reading

O Rose Gourmet French Ice Cream (Da’an, Taipei) | O Rose 法式天然高品質冰淇淋(台北大安)

Update! O Rose has moved to their permanent location near Zhongxiao Dunhua station, and now offers drinks, verrines, and patisserie in addition to premium ice creams. Check it out!
更新!O Rose已經搬到近於忠孝敦化捷運站的新地點開真正的店,除了高級冰淇淋以外還新上市的飲料、杯子點心與法式甜點,快去吃吃看!

O Rose Gourmet French Ice Cream | O Rose 法式天然高品質冰淇淋

Address: No. 1, Alley 6, Lane 170, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City
MRT: Zhongxiao Dunhua Station
Phone: 02 2773 7989
Hours: Daily 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm

電話:02 2773 7989

O Rose Ice Cream Two Scoops Taiwan | O Rose 法式冰淇淋 台灣霜淇淋

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Snow King (Zhongzheng, Taipei) | 雪王冰淇淋 (台北中正區)

更新! 我們最愛的雪王冰淇淋重新開店了,現在在原址二樓,已經開始營業了。新面貌,冰淇淋依然獨特美味!

Update! Our beloved Snow King has reopened – the location is the same, but the shop now operates out of the second floor. The look is new but the unique and delicious ice cream remains the same!

snow king ice cream taipei 雪王叭噗冰淇淋台北 成立於1947年的雪王冰淇淋,可能是台灣最有特色的冰淇淋專賣店之一。散發著濃濃懷念氣氛的店面,店內的老舊桌椅和店外的手畫牌子好像從來沒有變過,一直保持40年代的經典風格。我很喜歡雪王的簡單和復古,尤其喜歡他們超好吃的、有超獨特的冰淇淋!

Operating since 1947, the famous Snow King Ice Cream must be one of Taiwan’s most distinctive ice cream shops. The vintage storefront creates a nostalgic atmosphere, with plain metal tables, old wooden stools, and a hand-painted signboard that make you feel like the place hasn’t changed since the 40’s. It feels like a Taiwanese version of the classic American soda shop.

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Dishege Gelato (Tainan) | 得意吉義式冰淇淋專賣店(台南)

Dishege Gelato, Tainan 得意吉,台南
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I recently left Taipei to visit friends in Tainan and enjoy some of the foods the city is famous for. This is a food-obsessed city specializing in old-fashioned flavours and traditional methods, so naturally it’s rich in delicious handmade ice cream! This time, I happened to find Dishege Gelato, an ice cream shop I’d never been to before, so I brought my friend with me to check it out.

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He Mei Ice Treat House (Yonghe, New Taipei City) | 和美冰果室 (新北永和)

While walking near my apartment, I stumbled across this really cool old-school Taiwanese “babu”* ice cream shop, He Mei Ice Treat House. He Mei is over 60 years old; originally established in 1948, the shop oozes vintage flavour. Along with ice cream, He Mei also sells house-made biscuits and other traditional Taiwanese snacks. It’s delicious and cheap, and it’s only five minutes from my house – I feel so lucky!

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