Dishege Gelato (Tainan) | 得意吉義式冰淇淋專賣店(台南)

Dishege Gelato, Tainan 得意吉,台南
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I recently left Taipei to visit friends in Tainan and enjoy some of the foods the city is famous for. This is a food-obsessed city specializing in old-fashioned flavours and traditional methods, so naturally it’s rich in delicious handmade ice cream! This time, I happened to find Dishege Gelato, an ice cream shop I’d never been to before, so I brought my friend with me to check it out.

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He Mei Ice Treat House (Yonghe, New Taipei City) | 和美冰果室 (新北永和)

While walking near my apartment, I stumbled across this really cool old-school Taiwanese “babu”* ice cream shop, He Mei Ice Treat House. He Mei is over 60 years old; originally established in 1948, the shop oozes vintage flavour. Along with ice cream, He Mei also sells house-made biscuits and other traditional Taiwanese snacks. It’s delicious and cheap, and it’s only five minutes from my house – I feel so lucky!

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Le Pélican French Ice Cream (Kenting) | 貝力岡法式手工冰淇淋(墾丁)

Touristy sightseeing destinations are often full of overhyped famous snack shops and low-quality street food vendors – large crowds don’t necessarily mean good food. So when I was walking down crowded Kenting Street during a recent vacation in Kenting, I was surprised to discover Le Pélican, a shop selling high-quality French-style handmade ice cream!


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